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Agricultural Services

Investment in Agricultural Properties

When representing potential investors, the goal of harVestco is to find productive farm ground which meets the needs of the investor. The company's extensive and diverse agricultural experience gives our clients an advantage. We know where to find the important information necessary to invest in highly productive agricultural properties.

harVestco stays in close contact with current agriculture issues through many associations which include:

  • A network of managers nationwide
  • Tax specialists
  • State and federal agencies
  • University Extension Specialists nationwide

The company has established a network of farm and ranch owners across the United States, along with a network of realtors, investment bankers, financial advisors, and those actively involved in crop and livestock production. Constant contact with these resources across the country allow harVestco to regularly receive information about many investment opportunities in agricultural properties.

Specific services offered to investors or acquirers include:

  • Consultation about size and type of agricultural properties available
  • Designing acquisition strategies based on investor needs
  • Acquiring specific properties for investor's portfolio
  • Managing agricultural assets to maximize profitability
  • Constant updates on investment and management activities
  • Assistance in obtaining financing